• June

Of Oysters And Pearls

A Clichéd expression for simple encouragement

Pearls are formed because the oyster experiences irritation from a grain of sand.

The world is your oyster. Opportunities are laid at your feet. Fate is smiling upon you. All you have to do is dive into the ocean to get your pearl.

Many people have developed their dream from a grain of sand into a beautiful pearl, but a pearl that remains in their head only. The truth is it is easier to dream than to take action. In order to have a rich life however, one has to leave the comfort zone of dreams… One has to dive (take action) and try different oysters (opportunities) to find that pearl (the realisation of your dream).

If you have dreams that are nudging you to take the plunge, don’t be discouraged if your search does not yield a pearl in the first oyster of opportunity you open up. Pearls don’t come easy and they take time to develop. Life requires hard work and dedication.

Other times you will find that the oyster you’ve been trying to hack open for so long did not contain the pearl that you were hoping for. And that’s okay, just keep on trying, because the reward for your perseverance at the end of the day will be so much greater than your current struggle. Accept all that is, in the spirit of life and taking chances – even if it means a few empty oysters. Just keep the satisfying reward of finding that pearl in your mind’s eye and let it motivate you.

The world is your oyster. Put on your diving gear, take the plunge and go live in that beautiful prospect.