June Culinary Studio is about a food experience - whether through food demonstrations, product development, publications or simply a nice conversation. There is so much to learn from the world of food - so let's explore together and be inspired together!

A bit about myself

After my BCom(Hons) Management Accounting degree I worked in both Finance and Product Development for a couple of years before deciding to add a professional skill in food to my career. From there my ‘official’ journey with food began as I enrolled for and completed a two-year full-time chef’s course at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch, where I specialised in Pâtisserie.


Apart from business and food I maintain a series of other interests as well, ranging from music, creative writing and languages, to golf, nature and travelling! I especially found a great deal of inspiration wandering through the landscapes and food scenes of other countries and cultures.


I consider myself a student for life, always eager to learn more in the pursuit of novelty and adventure.

A bit about food and I

The magic of food lies in the taste experience. Being rather analytical, I love to evaluate the sensation of the food in my mouth – the different tastes and textures and how flavours marry well together. The magic is also ignited when performing the art of intuitive cooking – relying primarily on one’s intuition as to what dish to conjure up from a single ingredient and what flavours to put together. Experimenting in this way (mostly) results in beautiful little gems!


Curiosity also drives me to explore more of the world of food – whenever I come across something new I like to do some research, absorb the food facts and technical information, then use it in conjunction with my interest in nutrition to build a dish or product. And so another little gem is produced!

A bit about my food (and life) ethos

Respect: To be mindful towards others, towards ingredients and towards the environment.


Quality: To always ensure excellence in all endeavours.


Love: To be passionate about what one does with one’s time, and to share this passion with others - love shows in your work, and in the people around you.

The final bit

I believe food creates intimacy around a table; it comforts and restores. I believe in sharing food experiences, and in fresh perspectives. I believe in awe and wonder. And beauty. I believe in passion. Yes. I believe.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Melbourne